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LJ iPhone app and font size
painted hand
elanesse8 wrote in appleiphone
Hello all!
Hoping someone has experienced this and is willing to offer some help.

When I post to lj from the iPhone app, the font is very, very small when the entry is viewed from a PC. When I post from a PC, the font is a normal size, which I would have assumed to be my default, no matter the platform from which the post is created.

My journal is f-locked, but if someone is willing to help, I'd be happy to add to my f-list so you can see what I'm talking about!

Thanks in advance!!

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...Blurb- you know what you wanna put on the journal- lol

Haha, yep I know. :-)

I did try that and the same thing happened. Posting this comment from iPhone so folks who are viewing on a PC can see what I mean.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!!!!

hmpfh...didn't happen in the community's layout, so it must be something with my layout. Sadly, I've no idea whatsoever how to do anything about that.

hey- check out the pc settings- go to your home key>>>settings>>> and look at the tabs across the top- choose mobile- see if something in there helps

PROFILE >>>settings>>>mobile

I guess I shoul ask ...did you by the app or are you using the free one?

Nothing in the Mobile Settings tab applies.
I'm using the free Live Journal-branded app

I preferred the paid app- it is alot better- I think it was three bucks.

I don't see a paid app....can you provide the name or a link?

Apps search live journal and look about seven down and it's 1.99 called Vita live journal

okay thanks, I'll check it out.

So did you get the app? I really like it over the freebie- of course like anything- it needs fine tuning.

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