Крупнейший в мире GPS путеводитель для iOS - 50.000.000 бесплатных треков
toozla, путешествия, достопрмечательности, аудиогид

Мы очень рады поделиться с вами новостью о том, что 1 мая 2012 года разработчик мобильных GPS-гидов Toozla добавил в свою систему два больших источника информации - Wikimapia и Google Places. Информационная база Toozla теперь насчитывает порядка 50 миллионов геопривязанных историй по всему миру.

В первую очередь, стоит сказать несколько слов о новых информационных источниках:  - это  проект, объединяющий картографию с технологией вики. Его заявленной целью является описание географических объектов всей планеты. Оргомное количество историй о различных памятниках архитектуры и искусства мы взяли  именно в Wikimapia;

  - это проект компании Google, позволяющий различным компаниям размещать основные данные о своём бизнесе внутри платформы Google. Google places - крупнейшая база компаний по всему миру!

Toozla дает всем желающим прямой доступ к ноосфере - то, о чём мечтал академик В.И. Вернадский почти 80 лет назад. Как вы знаете, одной из важных особенностей Toozla является доступность: наш сервис работает на 5 мобильных платформах, шестнадцати языках и обладает самой большой информационной базой в мире.

До недавнего времени глобального покрытия историями мы достигали благодаря использованию геопривязанных статей из Википедии. Истории в Википедии пишут сами пользователи, так что подключение Википедии 2 года назад дало возможность нашим пользователям слушать истории по всему миру на родном языке. Ну и, конечно, не стоит забывать о наших партнерах, которые также вносят свою лепту, создавая небольшие по охвату, но отлично проработанные путеводители для независимых путешественников, используя специальный онлайновый инструментарий Toozla Map Tool.

Создание широкой информационной базы об объектах по всему миру всегда представлось нам одним из важнейших вопросов развития гидов. Мы хотели дать возможность пользователям получать хотя бы минимальный объём информации о любом объекте в любом городе мира. Теперь, запустив Toozla, пользователь получает истории практически обо всех зданиях и памятниках, имеющих какую-либо историческую или культурную ценность, а Google Places поможет найти такие объекты поблизости, как аптека или банк, что бывает нужно и полезно не только в чужом, а зачастую и в родном городе.

Как всегда мы будем рады получить от вас отзывы, просьбы и рекомендации. Надеемся, теперь наши гиды станут ещё более полезными и ценными для вас! :)))

App Comm!
I started a new community hip_stamatic. It's a journal to post photos you shot with the hipstamatic app.

Please join!

LJ iPhone app and font size
painted hand
Hello all!
Hoping someone has experienced this and is willing to offer some help.

When I post to lj from the iPhone app, the font is very, very small when the entry is viewed from a PC. When I post from a PC, the font is a normal size, which I would have assumed to be my default, no matter the platform from which the post is created.

My journal is f-locked, but if someone is willing to help, I'd be happy to add to my f-list so you can see what I'm talking about!

Thanks in advance!!

Restore from backup
D - Skirt

My iPhone is being extremely wonky -- delays in starting apps, delays in typing, touchscreen not sensitive, crappy battery life. I've done all the recommended steps (Bluetooth off, no apps in background, hard reset, etc).

Seems like I need to just wipe the thing and start over. I'd like to backup my currrent settings, but in case it's something with this configuration, is there a Way to back it up without overwriting the previous backup? Like, have backup version Apri2011l and backup version June2011? Then restore from April2011 if the June version is still clunky?

Thanks for advice!

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

ETA: I tried this link to change the backup I already have to something else... It seems to be pretty much the same directions as the link below... we'll see if it works when I backup the current version! Thanks!

Back when they first came out and I bought my iPhone 3G, I received a little box for the AppleCare protection plan with it. I never opened it though, so it's been sitting around. It extends your warranty on your iPhone for an additional year as long as you register for it within a year after your initial iPhone purchase.

Is anyone interested in buying it? I'm working on moving out of a bad living situation and have two weeks left, so I'm kind of scrambling for the cash.

$50, including shipping in the US, and it's yours.

Thanks for reading. :)

(no subject)
I have a 3G iPhone with AT&T, im eligible for discounts on June 5th. My BF whose name the account is under, called to see if I could upgrade to an iPhone 4 now, cause he thought they had told him before I could upgrade for $200 now only to an iPhone, I couldn't get a discount on any other phone. At the time I was debating between the Blackberry Torch, and the iPhone. I've decided I want  the iPhone 4 since it's now out in white. When my boyfriend talk to the people at AT&T today, they said again I couldn't upgrade till the 5th of June, and they had just gotten the iPhones in in white today. Do you think I could ask them to order me one for June 5th? I know once it comes around there isn't going to be any left, it always happens to me haha. I've been saving up for the phone (i'm super impatient and it's going to kill me to wait till June 5th!) and I really want the white iPhone and i'll be mad if I have to wait for it to be ordered then.

(no subject)
hlw at roses
Hey all...

Anybody know what an Iphone 3GS (32gb) is going for these days (not under contract?)

I am about to go exchange my current one (giving me trouble) for a mint condition refurb, and then upgrade to the Iphone 4.

Figured I'd sell the 3GS and recoup some of my cost.

Any guess its value?

Buehler? Buehler?
This is going to seem REALLY REALLY petty and trite, but before 4.3 when I would get a text, my phone would vibrate once. Like: text, buzz.

And now after the update, it's double-buzzing. It's not that big of a deal but I wonder if this is happening to everyone else as well.
Text, buzz buzz just seems....dumb.

I hard reset it and all, checked my notification/sounds settings...all still the same as before.

How to set up ICE contact
Sure, the common-sense way doesn't work well. I tried just adding a new contact called "In Case of Emergency" with my wife's phone number.

Simple huh? -NO!

Now every time I get a phone call from my wife or a text it pops up the ICE info and picture in the caller ID or as the sender of the text instead of the name and picture of my wife from her main contact file.

Using Google to sync contacts/calender/mail.

Is there a way to make it stop this stupid behavior? Some arcane setting I can't seem to find?

iphone music help?
music | sleigh anne.
Hi guys :) I just bought an iPhone a couple weeks ago, I love it, but adding music/books has been giving me a massive headache.

The problem started when my old laptop completely crashed. It's being repaired now, but only so I can get all my files off of it and backed up. I have a new laptop now, and I installed iTunes and recently I wanted to add some more songs to my iPod Touch and iPhone. My Touch works perfectly fine with my new computer, it's authorized and I can manually add, edit and delete the content.

My iPhone, however, will not let me do that. I followed the advice of someone on the Apple Forum to just delete the contents and re-sync it with my iTunes library, but that hasn't helped. In fact, it's made it worse, because now in addition to not being able to add anything new, I can't edit or delete the existing songs in the library. This is so frustrating because I don't want to have to sync my iPhone every single time I want to do something--I've already got it sent to manually add files, but it won't work. I just don't understand why I have no problem editing the files on my iPod Touch, but my iPhone refuses to let me do anything. When I first bought it with my now broken laptop, it worked fine, I could manually add music and movies, but now that I have the new laptop, despite the fact that I have synced about three times, checked to manually add music and authorized the computer, it just refuses to work.



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