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penguinsane wrote in appleiphone
Back when they first came out and I bought my iPhone 3G, I received a little box for the AppleCare protection plan with it. I never opened it though, so it's been sitting around. It extends your warranty on your iPhone for an additional year as long as you register for it within a year after your initial iPhone purchase.

Is anyone interested in buying it? I'm working on moving out of a bad living situation and have two weeks left, so I'm kind of scrambling for the cash.

$50, including shipping in the US, and it's yours.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Good luck with that. Pretty sure it won't work at this point.

The unsealed ones... it's not registered, though? It's not version-specific, as far as I know, and not registered to me unless I open it.

If I'm wrong, please let me know. I just found the box and saw they were selling on ebay, so figured it was worth a shot.

AppleCare for iPhone and iPad only extend the warranty for another one year.>Two years, but I also doubt that a phone can be registered with an unopened box that's been sitting around :(.

Hm! Then I wonder why there are some selling on ebay, or maybe I'm confused how it works.

The warranty will definitely work if it isn't registered.

Thank you for the clarification! :D

Read what carefully? It's not my phone, not my applecare box... if you mean my link, sorry, but the OP replied so quickly that I couldn't edit to correct my typo. I just linked to the 2-year page for convenience, I didn't read the whole page because my phone already has applecare and I've got better things to do ;p...

Oh sorry. I misinterpreted. I thought you meant that the AppleCare will extend the warranty for another 2 years.

Thanks, I misread the box. It says "two years after purchase date".

Anyway, 50 usd is a good deal. Just too bad I don't live in the US.

Aw, are these region based? That's a bummer.

It's international. But shipping would cost a lot... Since I live in Singapore.

Are you sure about that? Do you want me to check? I can send it in a bubble mailer and it's quite light, I don't think it would cost more than $10 to send, but I can get you a quote if you're interested in it.

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