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eiffiels wrote in appleiphone
I have a 3G iPhone with AT&T, im eligible for discounts on June 5th. My BF whose name the account is under, called to see if I could upgrade to an iPhone 4 now, cause he thought they had told him before I could upgrade for $200 now only to an iPhone, I couldn't get a discount on any other phone. At the time I was debating between the Blackberry Torch, and the iPhone. I've decided I want  the iPhone 4 since it's now out in white. When my boyfriend talk to the people at AT&T today, they said again I couldn't upgrade till the 5th of June, and they had just gotten the iPhones in in white today. Do you think I could ask them to order me one for June 5th? I know once it comes around there isn't going to be any left, it always happens to me haha. I've been saving up for the phone (i'm super impatient and it's going to kill me to wait till June 5th!) and I really want the white iPhone and i'll be mad if I have to wait for it to be ordered then.

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do you not have an apple store nearby? because they sell the phones too :)

nope :( closest one is a little over an hour away.

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