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hlw at roses
hlw wrote in appleiphone
Hey all...

Anybody know what an Iphone 3GS (32gb) is going for these days (not under contract?)

I am about to go exchange my current one (giving me trouble) for a mint condition refurb, and then upgrade to the Iphone 4.

Figured I'd sell the 3GS and recoup some of my cost.

Any guess its value?

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They're still selling here in KC for $300 and up on Craigslist.

i sold my 32 on ebay for 300 when i upgraded to the 4 back in october

If it's giving you trouble, I sure don't want it... :-P

Never mind, I've realized you're probably planning on selling the new refurb 3GS, after upgrading later, and not the old flaky one. Sorry. :-)

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