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How to set up ICE contact
polyanarch wrote in appleiphone
Sure, the common-sense way doesn't work well. I tried just adding a new contact called "In Case of Emergency" with my wife's phone number.

Simple huh? -NO!

Now every time I get a phone call from my wife or a text it pops up the ICE info and picture in the caller ID or as the sender of the text instead of the name and picture of my wife from her main contact file.

Using Google to sync contacts/calender/mail.

Is there a way to make it stop this stupid behavior? Some arcane setting I can't seem to find?

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I would just put ICE in the contact listing for that person rather than creating a new contact.

ditto this. for my husband his listing is "Nathan - ICE"

I don't know if this is the case or not, but, is it possible it does it in alphabetical order? Does your wife's name begin with a letter after the letter I? Mind you, this is just a theory.

I have multiple contacts with my office main line - when they call me I get the "It's this person" but there spot where it's telling me "it's this person or this person or this person"

Try THIS app for setting up an emergency call icon. The Author also set up some free versions.

I just added "in case of emergency" as the business title in that person's contact info. if somebody finds your phone, all the have to do is search your contacts (in the spotlight, not through the listing!) for the word 'emergency' and that persons vcard will come up.
I'm sure there are 1000 other ways to do it...but that's what I do.

How to set up an ICE contact

It works well to put ICE into the Company field of the contact. Sometimes it works to put ICE into the Department field, but not all searches seem to find it in the Department. Use the Company field.

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