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iphone music help?
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piratesswoop wrote in appleiphone
Hi guys :) I just bought an iPhone a couple weeks ago, I love it, but adding music/books has been giving me a massive headache.

The problem started when my old laptop completely crashed. It's being repaired now, but only so I can get all my files off of it and backed up. I have a new laptop now, and I installed iTunes and recently I wanted to add some more songs to my iPod Touch and iPhone. My Touch works perfectly fine with my new computer, it's authorized and I can manually add, edit and delete the content.

My iPhone, however, will not let me do that. I followed the advice of someone on the Apple Forum to just delete the contents and re-sync it with my iTunes library, but that hasn't helped. In fact, it's made it worse, because now in addition to not being able to add anything new, I can't edit or delete the existing songs in the library. This is so frustrating because I don't want to have to sync my iPhone every single time I want to do something--I've already got it sent to manually add files, but it won't work. I just don't understand why I have no problem editing the files on my iPod Touch, but my iPhone refuses to let me do anything. When I first bought it with my now broken laptop, it worked fine, I could manually add music and movies, but now that I have the new laptop, despite the fact that I have synced about three times, checked to manually add music and authorized the computer, it just refuses to work.

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Here is the nuke it from orbit method. This will wipe out ALL data on your phone, so just be aware if you want to try it this way.

Go to Settings icon,

Again this WILL ERASE everything on your phone.

wait for it to be finished, and it will eventually come up with the icon that you need to plug it in to your PC. (the erasing takes about 20 min. because it securely erases, so you can use this to sell it or whatever)

Plug it into iTunes and when it asks, set it up as a new phone. You should have the ability to choose all songs/media/etc.

iPhones are funny about syncing with a new PC, the first time you plug it in you are supposed to be asked if you want to sync with this computer as your new default. You might have hit no on this because it tells you it'll erase everything. If you did skip this then the iPhone won't ever sync with this PC correctly until you set it up anew.

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I think I might see your problem.

You can't really add or remove things from the phone itself for the most part. You can only do that from itunes on your computer in the sync settings menu when the phone is plugged in. You can chose a checkbox to either sync all music or do a partial sync and choose what songs/playlists/genres/artists you wish to sync by checking those individual checkbox boxes or not checking them.

The songs on the phone are on the phone until you decide NOT to sync them from itunes and then sync again. Steve doesn't want us to have any control of content on the phone without going through itunes because he thinks we are all thieves and can't be trusted.

The only way to "add" music from the phone itself is to buy and download something from the itunes app through apple. If you want to add your own music you can do it through itunes on your computer by either importing music files or ripping CD's.

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