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Forward All Calls to Voicemail? 3GS
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helianthas wrote in appleiphone
Hey there,

I'm being harassed by someone. I would like to forward ALL my calls to voicemail. (I don't answer calls very much anyway -- I mostly call out.)

I don't want to turn off the phone (I use text & email all the time) nor put it in Airplane mode (not on wireless all that much). I don't want to hit the "silence" button b/c I want him to know that the phone isn't ringing. (I'm guessing that it will seem like the phone is off to callers if calls always go straight to voicemail)

For the life of me, I can't figure this out, with the "Visual Voicemail" stuff.

As an aside, is there a number I can call to check my voicemail old-school style, like *86 or something?

Thank you!

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I just found these instructions for routing all calls to voicemail.

For checking your voicemail old-school, do a long press on the 1 key on the keypad in the Phone app, and it will dial the voicemail system for you and drop you straight at the main menu without having to enter your number or PIN.

won't help you with this one

but this is one of the features of google voice (formerly grand central) that makes it so entirely worth it - you can elect to send specific callers either directly to voicemail, or even give them that "number is disconnected" message.

as someone who has been stalked a few times, trust me, this is a great feature.

Re: won't help you with this one

I have google voice. But, the dude has my regular number. If I want to give him the "number is disconnected" message, can I forward all of my calls to Google Voice (that's what I did while I traveled abroad) and then if he calls, it can still pick up that it was from him and send him the disconnected number?

The only thing is that once he called from a different number.

Re: won't help you with this one

actually, yes - forward your iphone number to GV. Set the filter (he and unknown callers go to the bin). then set GV to forward to your iphone, using "Caller's ID" - you'll only get calls that you've allowed.

don't activate GV voicemail for your iphone if you want this to work.

so, lessee if i can detail this:
1) make sure that your iphone is a mobile phone listed in GV
2) forward your iPhone to your GV #
3) when you receive a call from f*cker, select the contact in GV and set it to get the disconnected message
4) now select your iPhone and at least one other number for forwarding
5) your iphone will ring in "call waiting" mode only for approved callers

Re: won't help you with this one

This tip is made of win.

Re: won't help you with this one


So, I set it up so that my iphone forwards to Google Voice, and I can send certain phone numbers to the "This number has been disconnected" shitcan.

However, I still can't get my phone to ring. If I set Google Voice to ring my iphone, it just gets forwarded back to Google Voice.

Maybe I'm missing something? I'm not sure what you mean by "one other number for forwarding" in #4 -- I have a Skype number I could use, but I'm not sure how that would help ring my iphone... Also, not sure how I could get it to ring in "call waiting" mode; it seems like it's just kind of in a forwarding loop...


Any other ideas?

Re: won't help you with this one

if you have it set to forward to more than one number, i've been able to get it to ring both numbers; when you just have the one, it seems to be setup to be "smart" enough to not ring you back.

when you have more than one phone, it does a "broadcast call" which means it will interrupt the original call that is being forwarded with a "call waiting" call (assuming you ahven't disabled call waiting).

but you need two phone numbers for this to work, and GV set to ring both

You can forward all your calls to your voicemail number. It *should* work, but you'll be charged the minutes they use leaving a message.

(Settings; Phone; Call Forwarding)

Right, but what's my voicemail number??? Is there an easy way to know that, or do I just forward it to my regular phone number in a never ending loop...?

But, the steps from mhaithaca, above, worked. yay!

oh, good point. I found a post that said 1-253-709-4025 is the at&t voicemail number, but you should be able to forward to your own number to right in to voicemail too.

Either way, it sounds like you already got good advice. Good luck.

This is a really good idea. I'm assuming the right number to forward to is the same one you got with that *#67# incantation, and plugging it into the iPhone's settings is just cleaner -- and easier to turn on and off quickly -- than all the button-twiddling.

I added a ringtone of silence to my phone.

Making it your default ringtone and only setting it to ones that make noise is an easy way to go as well...

Thanks for the tip. Still, as I mentioned, I want it to sound like the phone is turned off, and have it go straight to voice mail. It's not about not having *me* not hear it ring. So, I think the above ideas about making it go straignt to voicemail will be helpful. If I ever change my mind, this is a good idea.

can be done if you jailbreak.
i know that's not usually an option though

Yeah, I'm generally law-abiding! :P

Point of order, jailbreaking is not illegal. :)

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